WangingOut Statute Book

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When Motion Proposed by Seconded by Votes for Votes ag'in
2021-01-08 13:21:27 +0000 This Channel believes Atomic by Blondie is one of the best pop songs ever written. QuantumAndy chrysics 4 1
2019-09-20 00:27:18 +0000 This Channel believes we should force the richest half of the population to be bees Gundersanne JamieDass 4 1
2018-05-29 17:57:43 +0000 This Channel believes that everyone should come back and it should be chatty just like it used to be chezmax Tortel 4 0
2017-03-30 08:31:48 +0000 This Channel believes the black pentagon character ⬟ (u2b1f) renders in most #wangingout users' IRC clients/terminals in their currently-selected font willwybrow chrysics 6 2
2017-02-17 09:24:16 +0000 This Channel believes that purple is the best ethernet cable colour QuantumAndy willwybrow 5 3