WangingOut Statute Book

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When Motion Proposed by Seconded by Votes for Votes ag'in
2015-04-07 14:29:36 +0000 This Channel does not believe no more !whocan while thre isn't a mtion going on croissanne chrysics 1 7
2015-03-09 16:10:14 +0000 This Channel believes that feta is a delicious cheese JamieDass chezmax 8 2
2015-03-04 16:46:27 +0000 This Channel does not believe pizzas and burgers are THE SAME THING chrysics Trutab 2 3
2015-03-03 16:24:42 +0000 This Channel believes that a fried egg is generally a good addition to a burger. Trutab QuantumAndy 7 5
2015-02-06 13:39:23 +0000 This Channel believes that an "announce" command should be added (perhaps !a $()) that can be messaged to wangbot but will cause wangbot to respond in the main channel rather than in a private chat. This would prevent people's comedic !n attempts and such from being exposed while still in token form. Trutab hfaafb 6 2